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      ​L8239 ​            ​Gradient stocking, not otherwise specified. Carrier discretion.      ​L8239 ​            ​Gradient stocking, not otherwise specified. Carrier discretion.
 +======Diagnostic Images ======
 +Leg Lymphedema with extreme inflammation. ​ Note how slight the lymphedema is, but it still had this terrible inflammation and infection. From: [[http://​​wound-care-center/​case-studies|Texas Wound Center]]
 +The following are pages from Lymphedema People:
 +[[http://​​medical/​diagnostic_picture_marked_edema.htm|Parked Pitting Edema]]
 +[[http://​​medical/​diagnostic_picture_leg_lymphedema_2.htm|Mild leg lymphedema]]
 +[[http://​​medical/​diagnostic_picture_moderate_edema_foot.htm|Moderate foot edema]]
 +[[http://​​medical/​diagnostic_pictures_leg_lymphedema_1.htm|Assorted leg lymphedema pics]]
 ====== IMAGES ====== ====== IMAGES ======
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