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 [[http://​​en/​labo/​surve/​research.html|Riken]] [[http://​​en/​labo/​surve/​research.html|Riken]]
 +=====Artificial engineering of secondary lymphoid organs.=====
 +Tan JK, Watanabe T.
 +Centre for Innovation in Immunoregulative Technology and Therapeutics,​ Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University, Yoshida-Konoe machi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan.
 +**Keywords:​** Artificial engineering;​ Lymph nodes; Organogenesis;​ Spleen
 +Secondary lymphoid organs such as spleen and lymph nodes are highly organized immune structures essential for the initiation of immune responses. They display distinct B cell and T cell compartments associated with specific stromal follicular dendritic cells and fibroblastic reticular cells, respectively. Interweaved through the parenchyma is a conduit system that distributes small antigens and chemokines directly to B and T cell zones. While most structural aspects between lymph nodes and spleen are common, the entry of lymphocytes,​ antigen-presenting cells, and antigen into lymphoid tissues is regulated differently,​ reflecting the specialized functions of each organ in filtering either lymph or blood. The overall organization of lymphoid tissue is vital for effective antigen screening and recognition,​ and is a feature which artificially constructed lymphoid organoids endeavor to replicate. Synthesis of artificial lymphoid tissues is an emerging field that aims to provide therapeutic application for the treatment of severe infection, cancer, and age-related involution of secondary lymphoid tissues. The development of murine artificial lymphoid tissues has benefited greatly from an understanding of organogenesis of lymphoid organs, which has delineated cellular and molecular elements essential for the recruitment and organization of lymphocytes into lymphoid structures. Here, the field of artificial lymphoid tissue engineering is considered including elements of lymphoid structure and development relevant to organoid synthesis.
 ======Lymphedema People Internal Links====== ======Lymphedema People Internal Links======
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