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Lymphedema Congenital Recessive Syndrome



Pat O'Connor

June 8, 2008


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The possibility of an autosomal recessive form of congenital lymphedema was raised by Kajii and Tsukahara (1985), who described brother and sister. The parents were not known to be related but came from an island with a population of 1,500 in the Sea of Japan. Kajii and Tsukahara (1986) cited a similar experience of brother and sister with congenital lymphedema of the lower extremities and no associated malformations. Mucke et al. (1986) observed 2 brothers with chronic congenital lymphedema and proposed the existence of an X-linked or recessive form. In addition to edema of the limbs, they had abnormalities of the external genitalia as a deformation sequence resulting from intrauterine edema and had intestinal lymphedema. A prominent feature also was chemosis and injection of the conjunctiva. 


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PubMed ID : 3769974


Victor A. McKusick : 10/16/1986


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Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man


Congenital lymphedema, unilateral choanal atresia, pericardial effusion, high arched palate and preauricular pits: A possible new autosomal recessive syndrome.

 a.m nadroo, e. lieber, m. zak, i. bialik, d. menos. pediatrics, new york methodist hospital, brooklyn, NY.

   Congenital lymphedema was described by Milroy as an autosomal dominant condition in 1928. Other congenial abnormalities have been described in association with congenital lymphedema, leading to proposals of autosomal dominant, autosomal recessive and X-linked dominant modes of inheritance. We describe a patient with a familial congenital lymphedema, choanal atresia, pericardial effusion and preauricular pits-a possibly undescribed constellation of features. The proband is a 19-year-old female. She was admitted for cellulitis of her left hand. Physical examination revealed lymphedema of lower extremities, both hands and forearms. The patient had preauricular pits and a high arched palate. No other dysmorphic features were noted. She had normal vision and hearing. A review of her records showed that she was a product of a consanguineous marriage and a normal pregnancy, born at 37 weeks of gestation. Her birth weight was 3200g. At the age of one month she had corrective surgery for a left-sided choanal atresia, diagnosed shortly after birth. At the age of 19 months,she developed progressive swelling of both lower extremities, diagnosed as lymphedema. She was admitted for pericardial effusion on three occasions, at the ages of 12, 13 and 14 years. Echocardiograms and renal sonograms failed to reveal any underlying structural cardiac or renal abnormalities. However, the third episode of pericardial effusion was treated with pericardiotomy. The patient has had a normal developmental course and is an average student. Chromosomal studies showed a normal karyotype of 46, XX. There are eight other family members with a variety of phenotypic expressions similar to those present in the patient, all resulting from consanguineous marriages. All the parents are phentypically normal. Three individuals have all five of the phenotypic features present in the patient, including two brothers of the proband.The association of familial lyphedema with unilateral choanal atresia, pericardial effusion, high arched palate and preauricular pits, discloses a possible new autosomal recessive syndrome.


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