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Lymphedema and Lymphobiology

My Opinion

This is an interesting concept I ran across. What in the world is "Lymphobiology?" Basically, it is a treatment process that combines many of the concepts of massage therapy with other techniques to improves (as it claims) conditions such as cellulite, skin conditions, and lymphedema.

Does it really help lymphedema? Because it does claim to use Vodder style massage therapy and because it does focus on skin care, I would say, it may. The biggest plus may be in skin health which is critical to lymphedema patients. Healthy skin will mean less weeping sores or wounds, less cracking or peeling, less of a chance of providing an opening to bacterial infections (cellulitis, lymphangitis, erysipelas). Whether or not it helps your lymphedema will be determined by the treatment process used. It is a given that you must use compression bandages/wraps, compression garments and a systematic therapy of decongestive therapy for lymphedema. Any treatment proces that dismisses these should not be taken seriously or pursued.

If you do have "lymphobiology" therapy, be sure your therapist is a trained and certified lymphedema therapist. My verdict on this is buyer beware and be careful. Again what is missing are the independent clinical studies ( through 2008) that verify it works or that verifies its claims. 

Pat O'Connor 

April 19, 2008

As of this update of Jan. 6, 2012, there are no studies that indicate this so-called treatment is valid and/or can treat, cure or otherwise help lymphedema.  My position remains the same -  Patient Beware



Your lymphatic system removes waste material and excess fluids in the deeper layers of your skin. This process allows healthier fluids and nutrients to enter your skin tissue, promoting the healing and renewal process of your skin.

The Clinique of Plastic Surgery utilizes a modern French method of Lymphobiology that works eight times faster than the manual method. This method combines a lymphatic drainage massage (created using a lympho-drain machine) with the application of biologically active ingredients. The end-result is a gentle, rhythmic massage that will leave you feeling relaxed and stress-free. Lymphobiology is 100% safe, natural and healthy. Results are visible after the first session.

Lymphobiology Treats the Following Common Skin Conditions:

Sagging, Wrinkled, or Sun-Damaged Skin
Before and After Surgery for Speedy Recovery
Stress Reduction
Acne Conditions
Swollen, Puffy Skin

For long-lasting results, a series of ten thirty-minute sessions is commonly recommended. Consult Nadina, the Clinique of Plastic Surgery’s Skin Care Therapist, for a program specifically suited to your needs. In order to maximize and maintain results Nadina will tailor a home maintenance program for you.

As with any medical procedure, there are certain inherent risks which should be discussed. Costs vary depending upon the extent of the surgery and areas treated. Please contact Dr. Drehsen and the Clinique of Plastic Surgery to schedule a free consultation. 

From Dr. Drehesen - link to page no longer valid


What is Lymphobiology?

Lymphobiology is an exclusive treatment method, developed by Catherine Atzen®, in 1985  which combines a unique massage and the application of biological products to dramatically improve your skin condition. The most relaxing and pleasurable skin treatment you will ever experience.

How does Lymphobiology work?
Your lymphatic system removes waste material and excess fluids in the deeper layers of your skin. This allows healthier fluids and nutrients to enter your skin tissue, thus promoting the healing and renewal process of your skin.

In 1936, a manual lymphatic drainage massage method was developed to help stimulate the lymphatic system. This manual method is widely recognized in Europe by both the medical and esthetic professions.

Today, Catherine Atzen is pioneering the new science of Lymphobiology in skin care. This modern treatment method works eight times faster than the manual method. Lymphobiology works by combining a lymphatic draining massage using the Catherine Atzen Lymphodrain® machine with the application of Catherine Atzen integral DNA b. e. and other active ingredients found in the Catherine Atzen biological products.


Provides a Healthy, Radiant Glow
Restores Hydration
Minimizes Lines and Wrinkles
Balances Oily or Dry Skin
Controls Acne
Reduces Cellulite
Corrects Post-Surgical Bruising and Swelling

Lymphobiology treatments are 100% safe, natural and healthy. It does not stimulate the muscles or send electrical current through the skin. You may safely have treatments while pregnant and/or taking medication.

How soon will you see results?

Results are visible after the first session. On the face: reduced wrinkles, radiant complexion, refined skin tone. On the body: a feeling of lightness, reduced swelling of the legs.

What does the treatment feel like?

The treatment is relaxing and enjoyable. You will feel gentle, rhythmic massage movements.

How often should you have treatments?

For long-lasting results, a series of ten twenty-five minute sessions is commonly recommended. We will develop a program specifically suited to your needs.


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