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Lymphedema Advocacy U S Senate state by state listing and information


Typical Duties of a U.S. Senator

The constitution provides several unique functions for the Senate that form its ability to "check and balance" the power of other elements of the Federal Government.  These include the requirement that the Senate may advise and must consent to the President's government appointments; also the Senate must ratify all treaties with foreign governments; it tries all impeachments, and it elects the Vice President in the event no person gets a majorit of the electoral votes.


Government Guide - Senate


This web site contains listing of all senators, committees with hearing schedules, legislative history and much more. You can find your senator and how to contact them.

Contact Elected Officials


Committees of the U.S. Senate

Committees of the U.S. Senate 
Committee links provide access to: (1) Committee Web Site; (2) Committee Membership; (3) Committee Jurisdiction; (4) Committee Rules; and (5) Publications processed by the Committee. Committee publications in electronic format(s) processed through the Government Printing Office are being made available via GPO Access. Links are provided to information resident on Senate Committee Web Sites whenever possible. When information such as Committee Membership, Jurisdiction, or Rules is not yet available using this method, the information is provided by extracting it from recent issues of applicable Senate Documents or the Congressional Record.

Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry
Armed Services
Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs
Commerce, Science and Transportation
Energy and Natural Resources
Environment and Public Works
Foreign Relations
Governmental Affairs
Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions
Indian Affairs
Rules and Administration
Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Veterans' Affairs
Select and Special Committees of the U.S. Senate

Select Committee on Ethics
Select Committee on Intelligence
Special Committee on Aging
Special Committee on the Year 2000 Technology Problem
Caucus on International Narcotics Control

Joint Committees of Congress
Joint Committee on Taxation
Joint Committee of Congress on the Library
Joint Economic Committee
Joint Committee on Printing


Virtual Reference Desk 

A clearinghouse of Senate information on the Web and guides to resources in libraries and archives.


U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions


Health Policy Section of the Committee on Children and Families


U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations


Senate Budget Committee


Special Committee on Aging


Senators of the 108th Congress

This page lists senators alps by state. Information includes contact address and website address.


Active Legislation - US Senate


US Senate - voting records


Senate Glossary

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Contact Elected Officials


Congressional Voting Records 

Washington Post


The Library of Congress - Government Resources


Project Vote Smart

Voting Records


Congressional Bills: Main Page



Center for Responsive Politics


Job Description of a US Senator

From eHow .com Job

A U.S. senator is an elected member of Congress, which was established by Article I, Section 1 of the Constitution on Sept. 17, 1787. The House of Representatives and the Senate make up Congress. Members of both groups are elected by the people of their home state. Each state elects two individuals to serve in the Senate. The number of people elected to the House depends on the population of the state. A U.S. senator serves a six-year term.

Legal Requirements  





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For information about Lymphedema\

For Information about Lymphedema Complications

For Lymphedema Personal Stories

For information about How to Treat a Lymphedema Wound

For information about Lymphedema Treatment

For information about Exercises for Lymphedema

For information on Infections Associated with Lymphedema

For information on Lymphedema in Children

Lymphedema Glossary


Lymphedema People - Support Groups


Children with Lymphedema

The time has come for families, parents, caregivers to have a support group of their own. Support group for parents, families and caregivers of chilren with lymphedema. Sharing information on coping, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. Sponsored by Lymphedema People.



Lipedema Lipodema Lipoedema

No matter how you spell it, this is another very little understood and totally frustrating conditions out there. This will be a support group for those suffering with lipedema/lipodema. A place for information, sharing experiences, exploring treatment options and coping.

Come join, be a part of the family!




If you are a man with lymphedema; a man with a loved one with lymphedema who you are trying to help and understand come join us and discover what it is to be the master instead of the sufferer of lymphedema.



All About Lymphangiectasia

Support group for parents, patients, children who suffer from all forms of lymphangiectasia. This condition is caused by dilation of the lymphatics. It can affect the intestinal tract, lungs and other critical body areas.



Lymphatic Disorders Support Group @ Yahoo Groups

While we have a number of support groups for lymphedema... there is nothing out there for other lymphatic disorders. Because we have one of the most comprehensive information sites on all lymphatic disorders, I thought perhaps, it is time that one be offered.


Information and support for rare and unusual disorders affecting the lymph system. Includes lymphangiomas, lymphatic malformations, telangiectasia, hennekam's syndrome, distichiasis, Figueroa
syndrome, ptosis syndrome, plus many more. Extensive database of information available through sister site Lymphedema People.



Lymphedema People New Wiki Pages

Have you seen our new “Wiki” pages yet?  Listed below are just a sample of the more than 140 pages now listed in our Wiki section. We are also working on hundred more.  Come and take a stroll! 

Lymphedema Glossary 


Arm Lymphedema 

Leg Lymphedema 

Acute Lymphedema 

The Lymphedema Diet 

Exercises for Lymphedema 

Diuretics are not for Lymphedema 

Lymphedema People Online Support Groups 



Lymphedema and Pain Management 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT) 

Infections Associated with Lymphedema 

How to Treat a Lymphedema Wound 

Fungal Infections Associated with Lymphedema 

Lymphedema in Children 


Magnetic Resonance Imaging 

Extraperitoneal para-aortic lymph node dissection (EPLND) 

Axillary node biopsy

Sentinel Node Biopsy

 Small Needle Biopsy - Fine Needle Aspiration 

Magnetic Resonance Imaging 

Lymphedema Gene FOXC2

 Lymphedema Gene VEGFC

 Lymphedema Gene SOX18

 Lymphedema and Pregnancy

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