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What is lobbying?

Lobbying can easily be defined as the fine art of causing or persuading another to undertake a course of action on behalf of and in support of an issue of concern to you.

Lobbying is hard work that often requires many hours of preparation and research.


What lobbying is not

Lobbying is not a show you put on to become a star or the center of attention. If you are lobbying for lymphedema, you must stay focused on that specific topic. If you allow yourself to wander
and ramble you will loose your audience's attention.

Remember, whether in writing or speaking stay focused.


Two pillars of successful lobbying

The first pillar is Education

Since most doctors know little about lymphedema, we can safely conclude that the group we are lobbying to is unfamiliar with it as well. Therefore, we must first educate them about the condition.

You must be educated on the condition as well. You must present facts that are verifiable and that is based on solid evidence. If you do not know your facts or if you half-facts or
non-facts, you will never gain credibility. I can not stress enough how important credibility is in lobbying.

So, you must do your homework diligently.

The second pillar is making your info go from the brain to the heart.

If you are not able to bring your point to your audience's heart all your education becomes simply an academic exercise. Remember, change rarely, if ever takes place simply because of facts. Your audience must be able to feel your pain and to identify with you in it and in your struggle.

These two go hand in hand, and in a well thought out synthesis they bring amazing results.


This may seem redundant to some, but there are a few points to speaking to a group.

1. Do not simply read a script from a paper.

2. Know and memorize your speech well enough that all you have to use is an outline.

3. Make and keep eye contact with your audience Nothing keeps a person's attention like causing them to feel you are speaking directly to them.

4. Make sure you have studied your topic well enough so that if there is a question and answer period following, you do not falter
or give simplistic glib answers to serious questions.


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Lymphedema People - Support Groups


Children with Lymphedema

The time has come for families, parents, caregivers to have a support group of their own. Support group for parents, families and caregivers of chilren with lymphedema. Sharing information on coping, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. Sponsored by Lymphedema People.



Lipedema Lipodema Lipoedema

No matter how you spell it, this is another very little understood and totally frustrating conditions out there. This will be a support group for those suffering with lipedema/lipodema. A place for information, sharing experiences, exploring treatment options and coping.

Come join, be a part of the family!




If you are a man with lymphedema; a man with a loved one with lymphedema who you are trying to help and understand come join us and discover what it is to be the master instead of the sufferer of lymphedema.



All About Lymphangiectasia

Support group for parents, patients, children who suffer from all forms of lymphangiectasia. This condition is caused by dilation of the lymphatics. It can affect the intestinal tract, lungs and other critical body areas.



Lymphatic Disorders Support Group @ Yahoo Groups

While we have a number of support groups for lymphedema... there is nothing out there for other lymphatic disorders. Because we have one of the most comprehensive information sites on all lymphatic disorders, I thought perhaps, it is time that one be offered.


Information and support for rare and unusual disorders affecting the lymph system. Includes lymphangiomas, lymphatic malformations, telangiectasia, hennekam's syndrome, distichiasis, Figueroa
syndrome, ptosis syndrome, plus many more. Extensive database of information available through sister site Lymphedema People.



All About Lymphedema

For our Google fans, we have just created this online support group in Google Groups:


Group email:


Lymphedema Friends

If you an AOL fan and looking for a support group in AOL Groups, come and join us there.


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