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Susie Wills, BSN, RN, CLT         

March 19, 1999


A is for Acceptance. You can deny that you have lymphedema and get worse, or you can accept it, learn how to live with it, and do very well.

B is for Bandaging. (Please refer to A.) Your therapist may give you alternatives for after therapy, but to start out with, bandaging is a necessity.

C is for Courage. Why? Because every time you go out in public someone is going to ask, "What happened to you?" It takes courage to be able to educate your friends as well as strangers about lymphedema.

D is for Denial. It doesn't work. (Please refer to A.)

E is for Exercise. There are breathing and limb exercises which are proven to be effective in treating lymphedema.

F is for Forgiveness. On those days when you just have to cry because you are so overwhelmed, go ahead and cry! Then realize you are human and forgive yourself.

G is for Giving. You have lived with lymphedema and have valuable information which can help others who are struggling. Join or organize a support group, volunteer with the Red Cross or American Cancer Society.

H is for Help. Ask for it. You'll be surprised how many people are willing to give it without expecting anything in return.

I is for Information. Seek it from your doctor, therapist, the NLN. The more you know about lymphedema, the more educated decisions you can make.

J is for Justice. There is none. (Refer to A.)

K is for Kindness. Especially to yourself.

L is for Laughter. It truly is the best medicine. Look for and enjoy the humor in life.

M is for Maintenance. Lymphedema cannot be cured, but if you follow your maintenance program you can manage and maintain it.

N is for No. This is a small word in the English language that is underused by people who find it difficult to take care of themselves.

O is for Overwhelmed. This occurs when you think, "I have to do what for the rest of my life?!!" You just have to do it for today. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow has not arrived.

P is for Prevention. Follow the 18 prevention steps provided by the NLN.

Q is for Quality. The quality of your life with lymphedema is ultimately up to you.

R is for R-e-s-p-e-c-t. This was a hit record for Aretha Franklin.

S is for Symptoms. Know what symptoms you need to report to your physician.

T is for Treatment. Treatment is available. Learn what options are out there and educate your physician.

U is for Urgent. Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today when it comes to caring for your lymphedema.

V is for Victorious. You can overcome lymphedema even if you can't cure it.

W is for Wise. Be a wise consumer. Learn all you can about lymphedema and treatment options and facilities.

X is for Xylophone. A musical instrument which has absolutely nothing to do with lymphedema.

Y ......................because we like you! (Please refer to theme song for "The Mickey Mouse Club".)

Z is for Zilch. This is how much help the ABC's of Lymphedema will probably give you. Well, if you even giggled once it was therapeutic!


Join us as we work for lymphedema patients everywehere:

Advocates for Lymphedema

Dedicated to be an advocacy group for lymphedema patients. Working towards education, legal reform, changing insurance practices, promoting research, reaching for a cure.


Pat O'Connor

Lymphedema People / Advocates for Lymphedema


For information about Lymphedema\

For Information about Lymphedema Complications

For Lymphedema Personal Stories

For information about How to Treat a Lymphedema Wound

For information about Lymphedema Treatment

For information about Exercises for Lymphedema

For information on Infections Associated with Lymphedema

For information on Lymphedema in Children

Lymphedema Glossary


Lymphedema People - Support Groups


Children with Lymphedema

The time has come for families, parents, caregivers to have a support group of their own. Support group for parents, families and caregivers of chilren with lymphedema. Sharing information on coping, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. Sponsored by Lymphedema People.



Lipedema Lipodema Lipoedema

No matter how you spell it, this is another very little understood and totally frustrating conditions out there. This will be a support group for those suffering with lipedema/lipodema. A place for information, sharing experiences, exploring treatment options and coping.

Come join, be a part of the family!




If you are a man with lymphedema; a man with a loved one with lymphedema who you are trying to help and understand come join us and discover what it is to be the master instead of the sufferer of lymphedema.



All About Lymphangiectasia

Support group for parents, patients, children who suffer from all forms of lymphangiectasia. This condition is caused by dilation of the lymphatics. It can affect the intestinal tract, lungs and other critical body areas.



Lymphatic Disorders Support Group @ Yahoo Groups

While we have a number of support groups for lymphedema... there is nothing out there for other lymphatic disorders. Because we have one of the most comprehensive information sites on all lymphatic disorders, I thought perhaps, it is time that one be offered.


Information and support for rare and unusual disorders affecting the lymph system. Includes lymphangiomas, lymphatic malformations, telangiectasia, hennekam's syndrome, distichiasis, Figueroa
syndrome, ptosis syndrome, plus many more. Extensive database of information available through sister site Lymphedema People.



All About Lymphedema

For our Google fans, we have just created this online support group in Google Groups:


Group email:


Lymphedema Friends

If you an AOL fan and looking for a support group in AOL Groups, come and join us there.


Lymphedema People New Wiki Pages

Have you seen our new “Wiki” pages yet?  Listed below are just a sample of the more than 140 pages now listed in our Wiki section. We are also working on hundred more.  Come and take a stroll! 

Lymphedema Glossary 


Arm Lymphedema 

Leg Lymphedema 

Acute Lymphedema 

The Lymphedema Diet 

Exercises for Lymphedema 

Diuretics are not for Lymphedema 

Lymphedema People Online Support Groups 



Lymphedema and Pain Management 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT) 

Infections Associated with Lymphedema 

How to Treat a Lymphedema Wound 

Fungal Infections Associated with Lymphedema 

Lymphedema in Children 


Magnetic Resonance Imaging 

Extraperitoneal para-aortic lymph node dissection (EPLND) 

Axillary node biopsy

Sentinel Node Biopsy

 Small Needle Biopsy - Fine Needle Aspiration 

Magnetic Resonance Imaging 

Lymphedema Gene FOXC2

 Lymphedema Gene VEGFC

 Lymphedema Gene SOX18

 Lymphedema and Pregnancy

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