Nerve Pain?

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Nerve Pain?

Postby bklsmom » Sun May 13, 2007 12:56 pm

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well right now and taking good care of yourselves. first of all, my bone scan came back normal, except that I have degereration, aka arthritis in my spine, knees and feet. I think I already knew that, LOL!
Anyway, now a new pain has arisen and I was wondering if anyone has this pain as a complication of lymphedema or do you think it is unrelated? Again this pain is in my right leg which is my worse affected leg with le.
As I had said before about the pain in my right leg now associated with more swelling in the thigh of that leg. My pain has become intense at night as I sleep, sometimes as I try to roll over, I get like a shooting nerve pain from my hip down the front of my thigh to just above my knee. It kind of burns and shoots down the front of my thigh, then once the severe pain passes, my whole front of my thigh goes totally numb. I think the numbness kind of has been lasting too. When I touch my thigh on the front outer part of my leg it kind of feels funny, kind of a tingly sensation all the time now. Does this sound like nerve pain? I have never had a nerve pain, but from my research it kind of sounds like it to me. Does Le cause nerve pain? According to my o/gyn he doesnt think Le should be causing pain, but my bone scan was negative for an injury in my back. So the pain must be from my Le, right?
I dread going to sleep at night because I know I'm going to roll over and the pain will wake me up screeming. Then during the day, I have the numb tingling feeling in my thigh. HELP!!!! Is this a normal complication of my LE. Why don't Dr's know more about this condition...I get so frustrated.
Thanks for all your help. And God bless all you "Angels" on here. How would we cope without the support that we don't go this battle alone?
God Bless All,
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nerve pain

Postby suzeeq » Mon May 14, 2007 12:06 am

Hi Nancy, first congrats on your bone scan being normal. I'm sure that it is a great relief to you. Yes, you can have nerve pain with LE because the increased swelling causes pressure on the nerves. My lateral calf is now numb all the time now because my lower leg is so tight and firm. Shooting pains, pins and needles, decreased sensation, all can occur with LE. I'm not sure why this bothers you at night. Do you wrap at night or wear any other garment? Are you elevating? I can't elevate anymore - too painful for me but it might be beneficial for others. I've only had pain at night once when I first started bandaging. I had my leg elevated also and in my sleep, I turned over and the pain woke me up. I think because I wasn't used to the weight of the bandages. Now I still bandage every night, but don't elevate and I haven't had any pain at night since. I am not in that much discomfort that I need pain medication, but alot of people on this site are. I think you have to try different things - if you already wrap at night and this pain occured, then don't wrap and see if it makes a difference. And vice versa, if you don't wrap, then start. Managing my leg has been by trial and error. And what once worked, might not the next time. Maybe Pat has some other suggestions for you. Just wanted to let you know that we all know how you feel. Susan
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Postby patoco » Mon May 14, 2007 7:55 pm

Hey Nancy and Susan :)

I always marvel (ok get angry) :roll: with these people who say lymphedema is this painless condition.

Susan hit it on the lymph leg. The increased swelling, tissue changes all contribute to a great deal of pain, especially with leg lymphedema.

Nancy, I have very similar pain in my right hip. I have been lucky to get more then a couple houss sleep before this pain starts.

Like you I have had it checked out, xrayed, scanned and the bones themselves are normal. It is simply pain from the lymphedema.

Anything that you can do to help the swelling will also help with this discomfort. As Susan said, if you don't wrap, start doing it. Also, if you haven't been for MLD treatment, see to it that your doc gets you a referral.

This sounds simple, but there are little things that can help also. I love sleeping on my right side (kinda hard with that pain) so i try sleeping a bit on my left side. I also do a light massage of the hip that helps.

Also, when I was in the hospital in Birmingham, an LE doc, Dr. Stewart put me on this medication called Ativan (lorazepam).

This was original brought out as an axiety medication. But, what they have found is that this helps neuropathic pain. Cancer patient also even take it for helping with nausea.

I take one ( .5mg) before I go to sleep and it really seems to help.

Hope this helps!

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