Is Leg Drainage a Good Idea for Lymphedema Patients

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Is Leg Drainage a Good Idea for Lymphedema Patients

Postby patoco » Sat Jun 10, 2006 3:17 pm

Is Leg Drainage a Good Idea for Lymphedema Patients

Discussion started by Jacqueline 04/22/2004


Someone told me about getting my leg drained, and I was wondering if that was a good idea and if so how I would go about doing it. Since last time I put up a post my LE was doing ok but its even better now!!! I have been working out and taking HCTZ(water retention pills)these pills dont really help w. my LE but they help the rest of my body lose excess water,which i retain a good bit ofBut I havnt worn my leg garmet,those silly things just dont fit in w. my life,haha but I plan on getting fitted for one her soon,I have to learn to deal w. wearing one-which I can do,ive done it for 2yrs so why stop now! Well thats really all I needed,and thanks for always responding. THANK YOU,


p.s.-does LE make you put weight on?

jacqueline lewis




Hey Jacque

Have been wondering how you've been!! There is no safe way to drain a lymphedema leg. Any technique would involve opening the leg up. This could lead to castastrophic infections upto and including amputation because of infections.

The HCTZ is also in the long term is very damaging to lymphedema patients. The fluid we collect in our limbs, is more than simple body fluids. It is a protein rich substance that as it accumulates
causes the tissues to harden (creating fibrosis) and acts as a breeding ground for bacteria. They literally live of this stuff.
HCTZ and all diuretics will remove excess water from our system - but it will not remove this protein substance.

That is why decongestive therapy is so critical. It moves all of this fluid so that our bodies can get rid of it.

Now I sound like a dad again. The leg garments may not fit in your life style, but you must consistantly wear them to prevent furthr and increased swelling. With increased swelling comes increased risk of compilcations - such as infections.

By the way, lymphedema can and does make you put weight on. If you are experiencing weight gain outside of the affected limbs, that tells me the lymphatic damage is spreading. You simply must have decongestive therapy to rid yorself of the fluid, wear your garment faithfully and please, do all you can do to avoid the complications that a robbing me of my very life.

A big "dad's" hug





THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am glad you know all the answers to my ? that I have, because my doc sure dont:):( As for the leg garmet thing im getting fitted this week(before prom so the swelling can go down a little,maybe. You are a very nice person,infact everyone on this site is,thank you very much. Ill keep you all in my prayers.


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