MLD and The Everyday Necessities

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MLD and The Everyday Necessities

Postby patoco » Sat Jun 10, 2006 1:59 am

MLD and The Everyday Necessities

MLD and The Everyday Necessities to Me is
massage skin care and wrapping.

It is time consuming and boring And when there are so many other
things to do it is easy to put it off to do later.
NO MLD is the most important thing in our day.

It MUST be top of the list. Because it is the best most
effective way of keeping control of our condition.

MLD each day helps:
keep many infections at bay
takes toxins out of our body that help cause us to feel
tired and lethargic and can cause us infections.
It helps in combatting the aches and pains we get in our infected
limbs if your limbs are filled with litres of lymphatic fluid there
is more pressure on our joints our muscles and we could be damaging
our lymphatic system even more.

It helps us be as mobile as we possibly can,
And it reduces some of the swelling.

Why everyday? Because we make our lymph fluid everyday. If we miss
MLD one day we have two days worth of fluid to remove the following
day. And if we have a wound then the lymph fluid increases to combat
infection so even more problems.

I know of members that do MLD twice a week because their lymph is
not as bad as others.

Well it soon will be if you neglect to help that toxic fluid out of
your body Twice a week is three days fluid in your limbs putting
pressure on your joints muscles and lymphatic system . Three times
as many toxins in your body I wonder how tired and how much you can
slow down in three days?

Many many lympers have waited years to be diagnosed. The neglect
over the years caused damage to our limbs and skin that cannot be

Lymphedema/Lipedema is for life. As we get older our skin gets
thinner frailer our joints weaker the care we take now will be of
great benefit to us as our bodies not only today but in the years to

MLD each day. It helps reduce not only our limbs it reduces chance
of infections, which reduces medical bills.

It increases our quality of life and how we care for our condition
today will go someway to helping our quality of life
in later years.

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Postby marigold » Mon Jun 19, 2006 1:55 am

This is a wonderful statement of the importance of daily MLD! I am going to print it out and post it on a closet door where it will remind me. Because I of course wait until I am going to bed, and have taken off garments or unwrapped, I tend to feel too tired to do the MLD properly. Or I say, "Oh, I'll do it tomorrow." I almost always do it, but sometimes I skimp on it. Honestly, I had not even thought about the daily buildup of fluid needing to be taken care of each day. Thanks again! :)
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Postby Denise » Thu Jun 29, 2006 4:58 pm

Thank you!!! I to printed this out to read over and over again!
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