LE and cold weather

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LE and cold weather

Postby Kim » Sun Dec 10, 2006 11:08 pm

Question for you LE veterans... :wink:

It is now actually cold in South Texas! Well...cold for here anyway...it's been in the low 50's and in the 40's some. Along with the cold has come a new level of stiffness and pain. There is not one single place in my body that doesn't hurt. I can't say that the swelling has increased, but the pain...oh boy! I know cold wreaks havoc with arthritis, but I don't have that...as far as I know, and there are no signs of infection.

:?: So is cold weather and increased LE pain synonymous :?:

I feel and am walking around like an old lady before my time. There is nothing like feeling healthy in my mind and like I should be able to to just hop up and go and do like I used to...even 6 months ago it wasn't this bad. Everything has become such an effort. There has been nothing gradual about my LE; it came on after that spider bite and has taken over with a vengeance. It has only been two years, and my life and body no longer resemble anything that it once was. I know i'm complaining; it's just that it hasn't been that long since my life was "normal", so it's easy to remember how it used to be.

I know you all know what i'm talking about, otherwise, i wouldn't feel free to whine. :lol: But enough of that.

At the moment I am enjoying the wonderful aroma of baked apricot almond bread...a new recipe. Hope it's good; smells devine! :D Better go in and put the glaze on. Yummy! Wish I could share with everyone!!

So back to my cold weather question...what's the general consensus?

Kim :)
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Postby silkie » Tue Dec 12, 2006 7:24 pm

Hi Kim

I always seem to makin the extra effort in winter
i have an infection now grrrrrrr

it does seem more pain and stiffness (that could be my age but i think not)

When i do mld it seems to take longer like the fluid is denser

and my warm up excercises in the mornings seem more of an effort

Could all be the dark mornings and the chill in the air

I think they all add to a mood change less get up and go

But cold definately effects lymph

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Postby Kim » Tue Dec 12, 2006 9:35 pm


Sorry to hear you have an infection. Just what you don't need, especially with the holidays.

Not that it changes anything, but it helps to know that my lymph feeling a little more dense and the additional pain is not uncommon with the cold weather. Just have to barrel through it.

Hang in there, and take care of yourself. Did your grandaughter make it over? I'm sure she brings a ray of warmth and sunshine to the dark chilly days. :)

Maybe grab some hot tea or something and cuddle up with a blankie. Stay warm. :)

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Postby silkie » Wed Dec 13, 2006 4:55 am

Hi kim

Charley arrives Friday night she e mails me from her classes at school would you believe.and talks msn to me this is in lessons

She did a piece for school the other week about teenage pregnancy guess who was searching the web for her lol

The infection is no worse so im hoping its going to go away fast as it come but i wont hold my breath its the supports rubbing. i walked to much the skin broke.

but i have this definate ankle with the lipedema so the more the day goes on the leg get heavier and the suports get tighter round the ankle like an elastic band effect. i often wonder if i could have a ring maybe that lifts and supports the bottom of my leg from drooping over the ankle

you remember those zig zag circles we woulf put in our hair to do a bun over? somthing like that

my legs are really fine in supports and wraps work so well
soon as eather come off its like someone turned the hose on they start to swellall above the ankle like filling a ballon with water you know the bottom stretches down and down my legs do that

I keep them wrapped or in suports they not to bad even in supports they can swell at the bottom after a long day
I am going to take a day away from the pc i usually leave it on
and i am going to do some spice baskets i have little ones that had mini eggs in for the grandcildren so im doing cinnemon and tangarines cloves
and a gingerbread star in them love the smell of christmas round the house bake some mince pies.

Have a good day today

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Postby gottahavesun » Wed Dec 13, 2006 8:45 pm

Hey there Silks,
I do am having the ankle circle and can't tell if my supports are stretched out, I'm getting more fluid, or both. I have to pull at the ankle piece all day and sometimes I will take a bandage out and wrap around the ankle.

Glad to hear that you'll be taking a day of the PC. I'll be around all week and if you let me know what day you're taking off then I'll watch out more than I do to jump in when we get new messages on both boards. My Christmas shopping is going slow, but I'm hoping Sunday my hubby can go with me so we can get it all done, that will leave me next week to cook with my son. I'm not overdoing it as years past, which is a shock for me, but maybe I've learned I don't like how I feel when I do too much--lol probably not the case but I'm going to take a positive spin on it anyway! Have fun with Charley--enjoy your time time together this weekend!
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Postby silkie » Thu Dec 14, 2006 12:02 am

Hi Lisa

Middle of the night here i just resorted to a couple of painkillers

Ah well so is the life of a lympher The good the Bad but never Ugly

Losa i get supports every 3 to six months 2 pairs and they all do this
its not the supports .I think its just because of years of neglect of the skin

to go 40 years never looking after this condition if i could pull this skin back permantly i would have an ankle and even shape in a fashion i have a good two inch over hang. A bit like our tummy flap after all the children only round my ankles

andwithout supports this flap fillsso fast it looks like a spring bulb shape at the bottom og my leg if i dont have them on all day the leg is fully swollen
for the shower and getting dressed i have this blob at the bottom of my legs

I suppose this is why i go on and on about MLD when people say oh im lucky i need only do it a couple of days a week my lymph isnt bad

my skin is like this because of not knowing ignorance mis diagnosis
i am 56 its not the lymph i worry about in the older years its will my skin hold out what with aging and infections


Silkssssssssss xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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