Choosing a Lymphedema Therapist

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Choosing a Lymphedema Therapist

Postby patoco » Sun Jun 11, 2006 9:00 pm

Choosing a Lymphedema Therapist

Our Home Page: Lymphedema People


From time to time members of our various groups have asked, "just
how do you go about finding a credible lymphedema therapist? What do
you look for and what questions should you be asking?"

Hopefully this can be of help.

As far as finding an actual therapist, the National Lymphedema
Network hasexcellent requirements on this:As of November 1, 2002,
the NLN requires lymphedema training programs tooffer a minimum of
135 hours of intensive training (1/3 theoretical, 2/3practical) in
order to qualify for a listing in the NLN Resource Guide
(referred to as Affiliate Membership).

Lymphedema therapists (independents) must havecompleted a recognized 135 hour training program, and treatment centers must haveon staff at least one lymphedema therapist who has completed such a program.

Please view the NLN Position Paper on Training (pdf format, 128kb)
for more information on what you should look for in any lymphedema

National Lymphedema Network Therapist Position Paper


Finally, the Circle of Hope Lymphedema Foundation also has a page on
questions you should ask when looking for a therapist:

1. Where did you get your training?
2. What approach do you use? Vodder, Foeldi, Casley-Smith etc.
3. How many hours of training have you had? (120 to 160 hrs. or more
4. Are you an OT., PT., MT. ? Where did you get your degree?
5. How long have you been doing CDT/MLD ?
6. What certification do you have?
7. How many times a week will I have treatment and for what length
of time?
8. How long will my consultation be?
9. Will there be a therapist on call at all times?
10. Is there a doctor, APRN, or nurse connected with the facility?
11. How oftenwill I be seen by them?

Circle of Hope Therapist Page

The Lymphology Association of North America (LANA) has strict
requirements that therapists must undergo before they can be
credentialed through them.

Visit their website at LANA and here is their page on the LANA Exam

LANA Exam Outline

LANA Home Page
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