Do We Believe Everything We read?

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Do We Believe Everything We read?

Postby patoco » Sat Jun 10, 2006 11:11 pm

Do We Believe Everything We read?

Originally posted by Silkie 04/09/2005

I have just read an article entitled this
It made me think.
With our experience of lack of knowledge in the
medical profession about our condition
Why then do you think so many people(other that lymphers)
can come up with products uch as

I am sure there are genuine producta etc out there
but it seems ironic to me that our Doctors havent got enough info
on our conditions, but the manufacturers of these wonder gadgets, pills, lotions are experts in what is lymphedema!

Where did the manufacturing companies get there info from??
is it available to our doctors?

Have any of our huge lymph family ever tested any of these products or been asked their opinion before they are out on the market?

It took us all so long to find others that had lymph
wonder how these companies found lymphers?

about the Best pperson on the web is Pat i know doctors and
many profesionals use the site because of the fantastic info
I wonder if the maufacturors ask people like pat there opinion

maybe i am to cynical because of the many years i was ignored
but seems to me the chance of a profit makes many of our
so called suppliers of lymphedema products experts

hugsssssss silks

think i will stick to someone i trust


Sadly anonymous

Hey Family!

I'm going to take this chance to do what I used to do every few weeks, and haven't for a while now; too busy to do the right thing shouldn't be an excuse, though!

I've lived with this stuff for 56 years now. I have studied more about it than any of you can imagine, except Pat, and I have learned through very hard physical trials what it's like to have Lymphedema, much at stage 4. Many of you share that experience, but mine is mine, and your's is your's.

That being said, IN MY OPINION, NO ONE knows more about Lymphedema, and NO ONE has more ability to share that knowledge than Pat O'Connor.

Of course, each person needs to read, and make up their own minds about how to treat their OWN CASE. But it is imparative that we NOT give advice when we only know about our own experiences. Pat DOES have the knowledge to share advice, not just because of his own experience but because of the other things he has done in his life. He STILL says for each person to follow their own council. If he tells you not to do something, or that something else works, he always backs it up with the appropriate FACTS! EVEN THEN, THE FACTS CAN BE WRONG, TOO. LOOK AT THE THALIDIMIDE BABIES! Please, READ EVERYTHING before trying anything new, or doing anything that does not FEEL right to you, for you. Just because it is in print, DOES NOT MAKE IT SO, VIRGINIA!

We Are NOT Drs, and again, we don't claim to be, we are just telling what worked for us, and as long as it can't hurt anyone else, that's okay. It's too hard for some to follow when there is conflicting information being posted. Family, if there is any question, always err on the side of the person with the MOST KNOWLEDGE!, that will always be Pat O'Connor the owner/administrator of this site!

sadly/gladly patty
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