Juzo's new silver compression information

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Juzo's new silver compression information

Postby patoco » Sat Jun 10, 2006 10:37 pm

Juzo's new silver compression information

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Originally Posted 02/12/2005 by Tina


Silver Through The Ages

• Persia: Cyrius The Great in the 5th Century carried water for his army in silver vessels to keep the water from becoming contaminated.

• Rome: In addition to storing water in silver-lined silos, ancient Romans used silver foil for dressing wounds.

• Today: Silver is used in countless medical and therapeutic products, including silver nitrate eye drops to prevent eye infections, ointments containing silver to inhibit bacteria in burns and wounds, and silver-lined bandages to prevent the onset of infection around open skin.

Benefits of Silver

• Anti-Microbial - Silver inhibits the growth of infectious microbes.

• Anti-Odor - Silver ions bind with denatured protein and ammonia reducing unpleasant odors.

• Anti-Static - Silver has the highest electrical conductivity rating of any element, thus dissipating electrical charges and eliminating static cling.

• Surface Cooling - Silver is the most thermally conductive element, dissipating excess heat away from the garment and the body.

• All Natural - Silver is safe, natural and non toxic.

• Permanent - Silver is permanently bonded to the surface of the textile fiber. It will never wash out or wear off.

Juzo's Unique Knitting Process

• More Silver: Juzo® Silver compression garments offer an exceptionally high amount of silver. Our unique knitting process results in over 20% of the garment being comprised of X-Static®-The Silver Fiber™.

• Graduated Compression: Juzo® Silver graduated compression garments are manufactured to be accurate and consistent within the designated compression range, meeting the highest standards in the industry.

• Advanced FiberSoft™ Technology: Juzo® Silver garments feature the advanced technology of Fibersoft™. In this unique process, every elastic fiber is micro-spun with soft protective threads, providing greater product comfort, durability and effectiveness.

Juzo Silver Applications

• Wound Care: Juzo® Silver aids in the treatment of venous stasis ulcers and other skin wounds, by assisting circulation, impeding the growth of bacteria and keeping the area cool for healing.

• Burn Scar Treatment: Juzo® Silver assists in scar reduction, protects the healing tissue from infection and keeps the wound and surrounding area cool.

• Lymphedema: In addition to maintaining reduced edema, Juzo® Silver compression garments reduce the risk of skin infections which are common with lymphedema.

• Dermatology: Juzo® Silver garments provide a cooling and soothing effect over areas of skin irritation.

• Prosthetics: While maintaining proper stump shape, Juzo® Silver stump shrinkers eliminate bacteria and reduce garment odors. Juzo® Silver may also reduce phantom pain.


Clinical Studies

The therapeutic effectiveness of silver has been documented at every level of the research community. From independent laboratories to clinics, from test tube analyses to patient case studies, from research hospitals to institutions of higher learning, the value of silver as a therapeutic agent has been substantiated.

What follows is a list of articles and independent studies that are central to the proven therapeutic benefits of silver and its logical application in compression garments. The references below are categorized in such a manner as to illustrate the broad potential benefits of silver compression garments. These references are in no way exhaustive of the subject at hand, but represent a cursory listing of articles and studies pertinent to the claimed therapeutic benefits of Silver

Silver as a topical antimicrobial agent

1. Wright JB, Lam K, Burrell RE Wound management in an era of increasing bacterial antibiotic resistance: a role for topical silver treatment. Am J Infection Control 1998, 26:572-577
Topical silver applications significantly reduce both Gram-positive and Gram-negative-resistant bacterial species.

2. Ovington LG, The value of Silver in Wound Management. Podiatry Today December 1999, 59-62
A. Silver currently used in water storage facilities to eliminate both bacteria and fungi, including Legionnaires Disease.
B. Silver ions bind to bacterial DNA, disrupting replication

3. Rogers RS, Patel M, Alvarez OM, University Wound Healing Centers, Bronx, NY--"Effect of a Silver Ion Containing Wound Dressing on the Bacterial Burden of Chronic Venous Ulcers." Presented at the 13th Annual Symposium on Advanced Wound Care, Dallas, Texas, April 1-4, 2000
Topical application of silver significantly reduces the bacterial burden of chronic venous ulcers.

4. Independent Third Party Testing, United States
NAMSA testing institute demonstrates antimicrobial effect of X-Static, silver-coated thread against multiple strains of bacteria and fungi.

5. Tokai University, May 1997 Independent Third Party Testing Dr. Seiki Tazume and Dr. Takahiko Yoshida
Testing in 20 subjects reveals that nylon hosiery with imbedded X-static, silver-coated thread reduces bacterial and fungal count.

Silver as an anti-inflammatory agent

6. Burrell RE A Scientific Perspective on the Use of Topical Silver Preparations. Ostomy Wound Management 2003, 5A:19-24
A. Silver is effective against a broad range of aerobic, anaerobic, Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria, yeast, filamentous fungi, and viruses.
B. Silver appears to be an anti-inflammatory agent in wound care
C. Silver demonstrates little risk for toxicity or allergic reaction

7. Cornell University, 1987 Newly Made Antibacterial Braided Sutures: In Vitro and In Vivo Biocompatibility Study. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research
The silver-coated material not only proved effective as an anti-microbial agent, but demonstrated an anti-inflammatory effect as well.

8. United States Army Institute of Surgical Research, 1995 Direct Current Reduces Wound Edema after Full Thickness Burn Injury in Rats. The Journal of Trauma, Injury, Infection and Critical Care
Silver/nylon dressings with applied direct current effectively reduced edema when applied to full-thickness burns in Rats.

Silver as a healing agent

9. Lansdown ABG, Sampson B, Laupattarakasem P, Vuttivirojana A. Silver aids healing in the sterile skin wound: experimental studies in the laboratory rat. Brit J Dermatol 1997, 137:728-735
Silver ions may replace calcium and zinc ions in the wound, thus releasing them for absorption in wound healing.

10. United States Army Institute of Surgical Research, 1995 Enhanced Survival of Autoepidermal-Allodermal Composite Grafts. The Journal of Trauma, Injury, Infection and Critical Care
Silver/nylon dressings shorten the time of re-epithelization when applied over burns and grafts.

11. Cornell University, 1987 In Vitro Quantitative Study of Newly Made Antibacterial Braided Nylon Sutures. Surgery, Gynecology & Obstetrics
The silver ions were shown to migrate into the wound site.

Silver as an odor reducing agent

12. Pennsylvania State University, 1987 Series of three studies conducted on the application of silver-coated thread (X-static) when used in different media, including hosiery, shoes and carpet.
The presence of silver-coated thread in the various media reduced the local bacterial count and the detection of odor.

Silver as a shield for impulses of phantom pain

13. Case Study Salt Lake City, Utah--2003--Preliminary Report "Reduction in Perceived Phantom Pain by Five Chronic Phantom Pain Sufferers.
Five individual patients with varying degrees of chronic phantom pain, consistently reported reduced incidence and severity of phantom pain when wearing Juzo Silver stump shrinkers.

Ongoing Research

Juzo is committed to scientific research and the advancement of technology. We are currently supporting efforts by credible institutions and researchers to continue the collection of pertinent data relative to the full-range of therapeutic benefits of silver in the application of compression garments.


You can contact Juzo using the address below for more information:

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