This might be a stupid question:) - pregnancy

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This might be a stupid question:) - pregnancy

Postby patoco » Sat Jun 10, 2006 2:32 pm

This might be a stupid question :( - pregnancy

Discussion started by Nikkid 08/01/2005

I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this ???i have lymphadema in my right leg.i know basically if i get cut in this leg ,there i go with a cellultis infection!but bascially where does the limb "stop"becoming lymaphademic?

I am asking this question because in the next 2 years i plan to become if i have to get cut down "there"when giving birth can i develop a infection???i am planning to ask my gyn and vascular doc about this one...this might seem stupid to ask ,but it really scares the living hell out of me .

I dont think i am being paranoid about lymphadema or cellulitis to ask this question...also are there any memebers here that are maybe in the same situation with the problem in one leg and gave birth?what were your experiances??






Hi Nikki

Now noooooo questions is ever silly!!!!

The limb, unfortunetly is not going to stop being a lymphedema limb.
This is because of the damage to the lymph system and its inability to
regrow or fix the damaged channels.

In the event of any surgery, including a C-section there is always a risk involved with infection. Do talk to your doctor about it and see
what can be done to help prevent it.

I will say that there are plent of us (men and women) who have had surgeries on non-lymph areas that went through it without getting an infection.

There are also quite a number of women with lymphedema who have gone through childbirth and had healthy children.

Take a look at our page on pregnancy and lymphedema. ... gnancy.htm

Hope this helps!




Hiya Nikkid

I am sure if i had known i had lymph when i had my children i would have asked the same question.
I can tell you I did have lymph not diagnosed
I gained weight hun my ankles swelled and feet got bigger,
had a lot of what they said was fluid retention.
and they were worried i had toximia because of my ankles
(it was the lymph i didnt know theres was lymph at the time)
i had Goood births and i worked hard with the "fluid as they called it and did reduce took a while couple of years never got back to my
original size, I got pregnant again
more or less the same type of pregnancy
and i had my daughter third and last not a problem except for the
weight and swelling, thank God non show signs of lymph
but i was terrible consious of there weight

If i had known about the lymph i would still have had my children
life is about living and loving the lymph and the difficulities we all face are secondary to living our lives

huggggggggg silks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



thanks guys,pat your gonna laugh,when i first joined this site ,i thought you were a lady!hahahah .i have to tell you you do a great job on this site!
i am not pregnant yet,but will be here sometime in the next 1-2 yrs.what i asked you really scares the hell out of me .one night i was googling and ran across the NF site.i guess thats where maybe i got the first idea .that was the first time i had ever heard of someone getting a ifnection in a episiodemy(i think i spell that wrong).it really scared the hell out of me .it was horrible when i read those people had lost their lives!i know that infection is rare ,kind of .

at any rate when i do decide to get preggers,well i am going to ask my doc about the infection thing when i go see him in dec,and the leg doc definetely!

i am also going to find out if i do get a infection while pregnant what antibioitcs i can take.currently i am on cipro,i know that is not a good one for pregnancy.and when giving birth,i dont care how crazy they might thjnk i am ,but i want them to be ready with antibiotics if i shall need them!

that is a great part of the site about pregnancy,pat,very informative!
thank you silks and pat:)

everyone on here is so great!
i hope i have helped a few people by telling them aboiut crocs shoes!




Hello again

When i had my daughter i had an infection nothing to do with lymph
but not a pleasant thing i took the usual pills oral and non oral if you get my drift

they would not clear it

Finally back for the post natal at my doctors
vert embarrassed talking about it but was suprised
when he told me that i could only get that infection in hospital
his wife had had problem the infection was caused by the chemicals to stop infections on the clean linen

LOL would you believe it took 10 weeks to clear
We can pick up infections everywhere hun
Kate was my third child natural birth not a stitch yet
i picked up the infection with her not the boys where i had needed
a few stiches you cannot tell and you cannot try and anticipate what if

it is right to be careful but not to stop living and doing what you really want We would never live if we worry about what might happen
i look forward to hearing in the future that nik is living her dreams

huggggg lovesssss

Silks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



silkie you are great too:)it does scare me girl...but when the time comes i am gonna be have that kid:)


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