Relationship of insulin resistance to secondary lymphedema

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Relationship of insulin resistance to secondary lymphedema

Postby patoco » Sat Jun 10, 2006 1:59 pm

Relationship of insulin resistance to secondary lymphedema

Discussion started by MMank 12/15/2004

Hi all,

I haven't poasted in a while. Lots has been happening. I'm really feeling kinda low. It seems as soon as I make progress in my treatments I always hit another brick wall. I was admitted to for IV therapy again on Sunday 12/12. Yep another wopping bout of cellulitis. And this after I had obtained new prosthesis and new type of bra for better compression of my back.

My PT says the LE has progressed to the scapular area of the back and front chest wall, so I must wear a special posture support bra for added compression.

I'm really feeling down about this whole process, I was hoping to return to work in January, but I guess that may not be happening. As my onc wants to investigate why there is so much problem in controlling the LE.

She recently started me on Lasix for fluid retention. ( I know lasix is not recommended fo LE, however my BP was starting to elevated even with my being on BP meds, and I had an overall puffy look to me. The good news - the lasix helped- I dropped 15 lb once I staaarted taking it, they also discontinued my script for Bextra and said not to take ANY ANTI-INFLAMATORIES as the also cause fluid retention.

Needless to say I'm not a happy camper. The onc wants to have me tested for insulin resistance as she feels maybe?? it is contributing to all my problems. Sorry about being so long winded. Just need prayers and support.





Hey Marsha

Good to here from you, although not so good to hear you have been having such problems! Your doc may want to consider a longer course of antibiotics as a preventative measure. Many times with lymphedema
it takes that extended therapy to nip it.

Its interesting that in researchers have found da direction correlation between the lymphedema gene FOXC2 and insulin sensitivity. We have a couple of interesting articles on Lymphedema and Diabetes. ... abetes.htm

and I wonder if its applicable here, even though yours is a secondary complication to cancer.

Don't be a stranger and keep us posted on how you are doing!!!
You'll be in our prayers and we here anytime for ya

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