Low Level Laser and Primary Lymphedema

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Low Level Laser and Primary Lymphedema

Postby alice77 » Mon Jun 20, 2011 10:03 am

HI Everyone
I am a new member and I was wondering if anyone has any information on low level laser and the treatment of Primary Lymphedema of the foot/ankle.
Most of the literature I have read so far focuses on secondary lymphedema of the arm (post breast surgery) with positive benefits.

I live in St. John's Newfoundland Canada we have a laser clinic here. I have consulted with them and they said they could do the treatments, however it will require quite a few and no guarantee of results (I guess that is the case with everything).

A bit about me, I am presently 33 years old, I started having edema in my left foot/ankle in 2005, i kept being told i was retaining fluid, but for what reason?? I had trouble with varicose veins at the time so my doctor thought the swelling may have had something to do that. I had my veins treated using schelerotherapy with excellent results but the swelling did not leave. just a little over a year ago I finally got diagnosed with primary lymphedema by a registered nurse who I was getting fitted for compression stockings by. She was 100% positive it was primary lymphedema.

My swelling is manageable as long as I keep compression on it but the summer months are so very difficult.. Along with the heat and not wearing compression on my feet/legs all day at work my foot gets quite swollen. This is why wanted to try laser, i realize it is not a cure but i am wiery because of the fact it may not work and that the treatments will add up very quickly. I do have some insurance coverage for this, which is a relief.

Anyone that has any information would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Low Level Laser and Primary Lymphedema

Postby patoco » Tue Jun 21, 2011 7:44 am

Here are some of our pages on this:

une 22, 2008

Listed below are our pages regarding lasers, low level lasers, laser workshops, patient experiences and discussions:

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