Lymphödeme ; Lymphedema Germany (German); Lymphödeme bei Kindern; ARM Lymphödeme; Bein Lymphödeme; Arm oder Bein Schwellung nach Krebs; Linfedema Italiano - Lymphedema Italy, Italian); Linfedema del braccio; Linfedema del Gamba; Linfedema nei bambini; Braccio o della gamba gonfiore dopo il cancro; Lymfödem ; Lymphedema Sweden (Swedish) - Lymfödem hos barn; Lymfödem i armen; Lymfödem i benet; Svullnad i benet eller armen efter cancer; Lymfoedeem; Lymphedema Netherlands (Dutch); Arm en been zwelling na kanker; Lymfoedeem bij kinderen; Lymfoedeem Etappe; Arm lymfoedeem

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Postby patoco » Thu Oct 08, 2009 10:32 am


Translation done by computer programs (Google and others) therefore the information may not come across as correctly as we would have desired and the are variances such as used in day to day language, certain medical terms, slang or pop culture."

If you are interested in helping translate any of these pages, we would absolutely love and appreciate your help.

We very much need to spread the word about lymphedema everwhere and my hope is that anyone in any nation, anywhere on earth will be able to obtain the information that is necessary, accurate and helpful.

Please contact me direct at:

Thank you!

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