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Postby Rachel » Mon Jul 19, 2010 6:53 pm

Hello All,

My name is Rachel, and I'm a 23 year old fashion marketing student with primary lymphedema in my right ankle/leg. I never really noticed my ankle, until it started to swell my senior year in high school. It was when my ankle started to swell and I was no longer allowed to run track & field, that I started looking for a answer. But not until I was 20 years old was I able to be diagnosed with lymphedema. I do have compression stockings that go up to my thigh, but they are difficult to wear under jeans and not attractive to wear with shorts or skirts. I do wear a ankle brace and that helps. Also shoes are another topic that is hard to address. I had my feet measured at Nordstrom's and I should be wearing a shoe size 6.5, but with such wide swollen feet I need to wear a 8. My choice of shoes is flip flops! The doctor who diagnosed me told me said that I should never wear flip-flops, but they are so comfortable and easy to fit. I wish I could wear the strappy cute flats, or even cute heals. I do have a great supportive family and boyfriend who all encourage me, swollen ankle/leg and all, but it is hard to feel good about myself when I want to complete my outfit and I don't have nice shoes. I'm very happy to find a community that reaches out to people who have lymphedema!

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Postby patoco » Tue Jul 20, 2010 7:53 am

Hey Rachel :)

Super welcome to our family here :!: :!:

When buying shoes, I fit the most swollen and buy shoes according to that size. I do wish you could find something else o wear, those flip flops just aren't good. But, I do understand.

Also, take a look at this site and see if they might have something more attractive for you feeet and legs.

These are compression garments done in the creative style :)


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Postby blubrdfrend » Sat Jul 24, 2010 3:20 am

Hi Rachel, Welcome to the site. I was 17 when I began to have problems with my left ankle and foot. I am 64 now and the lymphedema is above thigh level. I know the feeling about shoes. I have always said that if I am ever able to wear shoes I want the highest, trashiest shoes that I can find in red with straps! Well it hasn't happened yet. I know that flip flops are comfortable but they are not really safe for people with lymphedema. I have a pair of rubber shoes with straps across the foot. I was wearing them in the yard recently and fire ants bit my foot several times before I noticed it. I now have cellulitis which is an infection that is common in lymphedema people. My doctor was unable to find a cut or scratch on my leg so it almost had to be the bites that caused the infection. Cuts and abrasions may not heal well on your leg. Be sure to check between your toes for blisters.
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