Lower limb LE and wrapping vs. Reid Sleeves

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Lower limb LE and wrapping vs. Reid Sleeves

Postby gary1955 » Sun Jul 16, 2006 1:18 am

Some of you have recommended the Reid sleeve as a replacememnt for wrapping. If you read my story, you know I am having difficulty wrapping my legs. I recently went through 4 sessions with my LE therapist and was able to secure a 8 chamber pump. As we all know, the most important therapy for LE is MLD and wrapping. I suggested to my therapist at least twice that I should have a set of Reid sleeves due to my inability to wrap. She is not in favor of me getting the Reid sleeves because she feels they won't apply enough compression to move the lymph fluid and they would be a waste of money( not sure if Medicare will pay for them). But we all know the pump isn't going to move it either w/o wrapping or a sleeve.

Question: Does anyone have any advice on how I can persuade my therapist to order me a set of Reid sleeves? And do you think the Reid sleeves will provide the same results as wrapping?

I would like to show her some of your imput so maybe she can get something going here. Thanks.... Gary
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Postby silkie » Sun Jul 16, 2006 11:21 am

Hiya Gary

I am a firm believer in wrapping MLD

with lower lymph i won't entertain pump the smallest risk of genital lymph

is personally to big a risk for me.

Reid sleeves i haave no experience of I always

imagined that i would use them if i could not wrap but while i can take care of the wrapping and mld and it is proven to be good for my lymph

not only medically but by my own personal use and success at controlling
my condition i will stick to the wrapping

I do notice though what ever you use it is in conjunction with MLD

I think that says a lot for the proven way.

Lisa aka gottahavesun has reid sleeves and has lot of experience with them

I actually could not wrap myself at first Gary i had elephantitus

but within two weeks i was attempting it myself with a little help and not very well but that was part of my learning And to beable to do self care we need that time to learn and ask questions and be shown what we are doing wrong

Good Luck hun

Silks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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reid sleeve

Postby mama » Tue Jul 18, 2006 12:32 am

My husband has a Reid Sleeve and it's a pretty impressive piece of equipment. He looks like a hockey goalie when he wears it, so be prepared for its girth. The main reason he got that instead of just wrapping is because:

#1. He has a back problem that makes it very painful to bend over. #2. He has so much fluid in his abdomen that he simply cannot bend over to a certain degree. #3 He could not keep the bandages on for more than an hour due to his anxiety issues. He would panic that he could not get them off quick enough. The sleeve comes off very easily so he is more at ease wearing it. #4. I go away for a week every summer and cannot always wrap him or drive him to MLD. The Reid sleeve is more independent or possible for someone who is not trained to put on.

So if any of those reasons apply to you, use them in your "case." We have great insurance but it would still only cover 80% which left us with a $500 bill (upfront.) While it is effective, I still think wrapping is better. Harder, but better.

Good luck.
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Postby silkie » Tue Jul 18, 2006 2:10 am

Hi Stacy

I never used the reid sleeve, but i hope when i have problems

I to will make use of a sleeve at the moment while i can wrap

it is the best for me But one eye on the future and getting older

and less felexable or health problems I would certainly get them

Tell your hubby Hi from me


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