Skin tags

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Skin tags

Postby gary1955 » Sun Jul 19, 2009 5:48 am

I have developed quite a few skin tags on my right leg and have a couple on the left one. A few are the size of a quarter. I have asked my Lymphedema doc about them and he told me to have my primary doc remove them. My primary doc won't do it because of my type II diabetes and the chance they won't heal and /or infection setting in.

Are skin tags ok to be ignored or will they cause further problems?
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Re: Skin tags

Postby patoco » Sun Jul 19, 2009 5:40 pm

Hey Gary :)'re it. I have those too. Fortunately, mine have remain about the size of a pencile eraser.

Generally, skin tags should prove no problem. But, I am bothered by the size of yours/ My concern is
(1) if it is that large, you could accidentally ripped it off. Trust me, I've done that before too. Then of course, you have this large amount of bleeding, potential infection etc. (2) With skin tags that size you have, I would also be concerned about the possibility of bacteria proliferating underneath it. I don't know about yours, but I simply am not able to get "under" mine.

Gary, let me suggest something they use on me all the time. I've been through so many biopsies that I can't count them.

Initially, they tried using sutures. OMG...not good....the swelling engulfs the stitches and then problems begin.

Several years ago, the surgeon decided to cauterize the wound are with a laser. Fantastic results!!!! The laser literally seals off the wound area and there is no draining or bleeding after that. Plus, I've never had any problem with infections from the biopsies.

Talk to your doctor about this. Skin tags that large on a LE person probably should be taken off.

Skin Conditions and Skin Growths ... _skin_.htm

We cover tags on the above page.

Pat 8)
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Re: Skin tags

Postby gary1955 » Sun Jul 19, 2009 7:41 pm

Great idea Pat! I never thought of it. I will mention this to my doctor. Thanks!
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Re: Skin tags

Postby nancycels » Mon Dec 07, 2009 7:47 am

I have papillomas (sp?) that stick out and have never found a doc w/the nerve to remove them. However one time I caught one on the edge of a plastic container i was soaking my feet in, to my great amazement it got caught on the edge and was ripped off, it had next to no pain and although the top part of it was the size of a dime, it was attached by a small 'stalk', much smaller than a pencil eraser. I used some liquid bandaid on it and it healed quickly and without a problem. It looked like i was bleeding to death initially because I got blood in the water i was soaking my feet in but it really wasn't that as much as it looked like. While I DO NOT recommend this for removal, you might want to look and see how large the part is that is attached to your skin, it may be easier for the doc to remove than he thinks. Also periodically mine get dampness that builds up underneath them. I use some Balmex (meant for diaper rash for babies) and it seems to clear it up quickly with no fuss.
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