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new to LE

Postby Pat » Sun Oct 22, 2006 11:43 am

I dont have bad LE yet but want to pinch it in the butt before it gets me. I have Melanoma and had a wide excision and SN biopsy done on May 24th I do have a bit of edema from that but over the counter support hose and elevating in the evening usually take care of it. On Nov 7th I am going in for a groin dissection. I hear that not everyone gets LE but since I still have edema from the May surgery I think that I will. I have an appointment on Wed with a PT who is going to teach me MLND and how to wrap my leg and keepit wrapped before and after surgery. Is there anything else I can do beforehand? At what point do you get measured and start wearing compression hose. I am thinking that if I get measured now that they may be too tight after. THis is such a great help thank you for being here
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Postby mommabird » Sun Oct 22, 2006 5:40 pm

Hi Pat! I hope all is going well for you. About getting "measured" for the compression stockings, here is what I know about it. (I'm not a professional, just a patient) Usually, while you are going through the MLD, you will be using SHORT STRETCH bandages. These are not ACE bandages. After completion of this phase, then your theraphist will help you measure for the compression stockings. Also, I am fortunate and able to use the "regular" compression stockings and don't have to order the custom made ones which are quite expensive. I have Milroy's disease which is a fancy name meaning I was born with lymphedema. I have it in both of my legs. I use both the short stretch bandages and the stockings to control my LE. I use the stockings for daytime use as they require fewer adjustments during the course of the day than the bandages. Then before I go to bed, I preform self MLD on my legs and wrap them with the short stretch bandages. I hope that I have helped you. I send wishes of good health your way.

Mommabird (aka Shelia)
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Postby silkie » Sun Oct 22, 2006 11:50 pm

Hi Pat

I am so glad to see your wel informed and aware of the possibilities
LE comes as a big suprise to many.

I have a similar routine to Mommabird
Couldnt have explained it better wtg Momma

However i do have to have made to measure supports
i also have to use a tube type soft thin bandage then foam
then the short stretch on the full length of both my legs

I have primary lymph and lip
All i would hadd to momma is watch your therapist
watch and learn ask all the questions you have and more even the ones that seem silly ask away

Good luck and let us know how things go


Silks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Postby mommabird » Mon Oct 23, 2006 3:23 am

Hi Silks!! Whew....thanks for adding that about the stockinette and the padding!!! Yikes, how could I forget that?? :oops: lol Thanks for the kind words of the way I described it. Pat, Silks is one of the greatest!!! She offers great support and excellent advice. I've not posted here for awhile and it's good to be back. :D So hang in there, Pat, and good to see you again, Silks. I'll be seeing y'all again soon!

Bye for now,

Mommabird (a/k/a Shelia)

P.S. I got the name Mommabird from my little parakeet and it has just stuck with me!! :D
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