Concerned about Supervisor Developing Lymph.

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Concerned about Supervisor Developing Lymph.

Postby PamelaS » Mon Jun 26, 2006 1:23 pm

Maybe I am getting ahead of myself here, however I am concerned about my supervisor developing lymph. down the road. She has breast cancer - 2 separate tumours (1 in each breast) and they are giving her 8 chemos. spaced out 2 weeks apart. Following this will come a double mastectomy, Sentinel Node Biopsy (where they biopsy lymph nodes) and reconstruction. Radiation will follow the surgery and reconstruction.

She seems now to have many allergies and is sensitive to many medications. She also has roseaca and migraines and sensitive skin.

What, if anything, can she do to protect herself against developing the lymphedema, with all the chemo., surgery and radiation yet to come?

Many thanks for any advice I can pass along to her.

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Postby silkie » Mon Jun 26, 2006 2:32 pm

Hi Pamela.

Pat put an article in here recently it might be of interest to you

We do worry about friends and loved ones it is part of caring

Lymph loves it when we worry it feeds on our stress in a way

Try not to worry Pamela until you have to hun

Easier said than done I know You friend will need your support and experience when she has her treatment

You being aware of the posibility of lymph and watching out for her will be a blessing a lot of people have never had .

So many women even today are not imformed about the possibility of lymph and the signs to lookfor after surgery for cancer or chemo

take a look at the link

Lymphedema - MD Anderson Cancer Center

under lymphedema and cancer information there is so much info there


hope this helps

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