Lymhedema People - Mission Statement

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Lymhedema People - Mission Statement

Postby patoco » Fri Jun 09, 2006 12:41 am

I didn't join the cyber-world of lymphedema until February 2003. A couple things became quickly clear. First, there actually is a tremendous amount of information about lymphedema on the internet. But, at the same time it took hours of searching, matching words and
guessing to locate this information. Secondly, in the online support groups I became a member of, there were so many many questions
on different lymphedema issues, it was evident this information was not reaching the people that needed it most.

The mission therefore of Lymphedema People is two-fold. First, to provide information on any possible issue relating to lymphedema. Secondly, to provide as complete of a web directory of resources as I could. From here you can access the lymphedema world without frying your brain or getting carpal tunnel syndrome.

Throughout the website, you will find articles from many sources.
When used, these articles give credit to the source and importantly provide a direct link to the source. I strongly encourage each visitor and member to visit these sites. While you are there send them an email too. Let them know how much you appreciate their work and committment to helping lymphedema patients. It will be greatly
appreciated and encouraging to them.

To all lymphedema organizations, support groups and sites, it is my hope that we will all work together in unity towards our common vision. That vision is to first, bring hope into the lives of the 100+million people in the world who endure this affliction. Secondly, to show that life is much more than just enduring lymphedema; you can have a rich, full and meaningful life despite lymphedema. While there is no cure for this condition, you can overcome it!!

I also want to stress two other points.

First, Lymphedema People is not sponsored by nor financially supported by any other organization or group. Nor, are there any commercial interests involved.

Secondly, I receive no renumeration of any kind for this website.
Infact, it is financially totally supported from my own resources. This is simply a project I initiated and which I work on after I come home from work.

Anyone with questions can always contact me at:



Thanks for sending me the web address for your site.

You're doing great work here, as I'm sure
you already know. It provides me strength
and comfort, knowing that I'm not alone.

Glad to be here, and thanks again Pat


Pat, im so glad feb 2003 started your offical mission on the net.
The mission we all know has been life long
The site is wonderful
The family exceptional
The spirit uplifting
The courage, unmeasurable
The determination-----never ending
The support is unsinkable.
the head of the family is our strength, and encouragment
hes a STAR

I would like to add it is September 2005
Thank you for all your support and help with Lets Talk
your advice my education into the world of lymph
Thank you for The children and the parents
Childrens on yahoo is amazing more than that its
the future of lymph the children hopefully will see
the rewards of the research

And For all of us with lipedema thak you for the site
sharing thoughts experiences and ideas is helping us see
a way forward in this condition no one seems to understand or know much about

Most of all Thank you for being a wonderful friend not only to me
but to all the lymph family wherever they may be

huggggggggg silks xxxxxxxxxxx



All I can say, & you know I can say a lot, is AMEN. Papa Bear Pat, & Lymphedema People are the best things that ever came into my life
gladly/sadly patty
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