Skin Lymphangiectasia

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Skin Lymphangiectasia

Postby patoco » Wed Jun 14, 2006 11:52 pm

Skin Lymphangiectasia

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A while back, I had posted a question regarding lymphangiectasia of the skin.

In my research, I found not only is this associated with lymphedema, but also with lymphangiomas, cancers (treatment and biopsy damage), lymph node tuberculosis and a number of other conditions.

Here are some links/articles I've ran accross:

1) Cutaneous Lymphangiectasia Secondary To Lymph Node Tuberculosis year=2000 volume=66 issue=6 spag\ br / e=314 epage=315 aulast=Riyaz

2) Acquired lymphangiectasis after breast conservation treatment for breast cancer (from The Dermatology On Line Journal). ... okgoz.html

3) Collagen XVIII and fibronectin involvement in bullous scleroderma ... antos.html

4) Great information about Lymphangiectasia or any other Dermatological issues,

from the EXCELLENT Dermatology Image Atlas with many-many Dermatology links +
8,069 images, given by The John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, USA : ... gnosis=181

5) Acquired cutaneous lymphangiectasia in a patient with cirrhotic ascites. ... ist_uids=1\ br / 0568489&dopt=Citation

6) Chylous reflux into abdominal skin simulating lymphangioma circumscriptum in a patient with primary intestinal lymphangiectasia. ... ist_uids=2\ br / 032374&dopt=Abstract

7.) CO(2) laser therapy of vulval lymphangiectasia and lymphangioma circumscriptum ... query_hl=5

8.) Vulvar lymphangiectasias in Crohn's disease ... query_hl=5

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