We Desperately Need Early Lipedema Recognition

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We Desperately Need Early Lipedema Recognition

Postby patoco » Sun Oct 29, 2006 6:21 am

Lipedema (lipoedema, lipodema) is rarely diagnosed until not only
irreparable damage to your body is done but terrible damage to
your self-belief, self esteem, self worth.

The lack of help, diagnosis and the disbelief
a lip sufferer has to face are unbelievable and cruel.

It not only damages your body but it eats away at
your whole life and causes damage to many women’s
self-belief and sense of self worth. These feelings are never fully

So great is the damage that not only do they have to live with lip but
also many live with deep depression and in some cases the belief
because of wrong diagnosis that this is a self inflicted condition
caused by overeating and lack of exercise . This belief comes
from years of going to Doctors asking for help and being told to
diet your overweight. It's a problem of your own making.

As many lip sufferers will tell you normal dieting DOES NOT WORK
but we try for years and years and when we go to seek help and say
”But I do diet I don't over eat.” They see in the face of the
nutritionist or doctor they do not for one minute believe you.

Many of us have children daughters when we finally find out that
that we have this condition, we also find out that it is more than
likely it will be passed on because this is a genetic condition.

Little or no funding for research is available.

Will our daughters suffer the same because all doctors see is

There is such a campaign against obesity in the western world
yet so many people are obese because of this condition and cannot
even get diagnosed.

IF this condition could be diagnosed early then maybe we could
help ourselves with self-care, correct eating for lipedema, massage exercise support hose wrapping. They would not cure the condition but like
lymphedema it would help many of us to slow the progression of this
condition down.

It would also give us at least less chance of the chronic weight
problem becoming out of control if we were diagnosed early and we
could then treat the condition correctly.

It is a vicious circle until diagnosed we do not know that what we
think is helping our problem can actually make it worse the diet we

Early recognition of Lipedema is desperately needed.

I now know mine started at puberty. The signs were there, only no
doctor saw them. They only saw an obese child.

The huge weight increase at puberty was a matter of a few weeks not
years of over eating it came out of the blue.

Listening to the parents ---- my mother told doctor after doctor I
ate like a tiny bird not one doctor listened or thought to ask if I was
not eating why this weight increase.

They called it 'Puppy Fat' many girls put weight on at puberty.

When I did lose weight around 14 -15 years old again the signs were
there. These signs were small upper body tiny waist huge hips and legs
and still I was told to diet

My legs were that shape and there nothing they could do.

I believe these were all pointers to the possible condition of

Later with each child the legs became bigger weight loss became
near impossible weight gain each time seeing professional dietians
at hospitals no weight loss and still disbelief.

These signs need to be investigated not just ignored

Doctors need to be made aware of this condition.

The children that might develop lipedema need a chance to live
without the neglect of this chronic condition but also the knowledge that
they have not self inflicted the huge size of their lower body

In this world of Hollywood looks and model figures of the battery
of condemnation of obesity.

To inflict the self-doubt and misery onto a child that has a chronic
condition to deal with, when doctors do not diagnose it is the worse
kind of cruelty

To believe this is your fault, that you did it to yourself is total
misery, because for all your dieting exercise you just keep
getting bigger.

At least give these children the knowledge that they have a
condition that causes this and it is not their fault. Maybe it will
be a long time coming a cure or help for lipedema must be found.

But we can stop the deep depression and stop taking their self-esteem
by giving them a diagnosis so they can understand this is

WE NEED EDUCATION OF DOCTORS who fail these children/ women and help by indifference, make life for undiagnosed lipedema sufferers, a total misery

Dorothy Mooney UK. born 1950 lipedema since puberty diagnosed 2004


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