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What is:

Lipodema is a medical condition that is often confused with lymphedema. The individual with this condition may appear to be simply obese and/or to have extremely swollen legs and swollen abdomen. The condition is an uneven distribution of fat cells in the sub-cutaneous regions generally in the legs or abdomen. One major frustration of people with lipodema is that they are accused of being simply "fat," which is absolutely not the case.

Etiology/ Cause:



Perhaps one of the most critical complication is the acquisition of secondary lymphedema. The increased weight can crush the lymphatics causing blockages and hindrances to lymphatic flow. Another complication is deterioration of the joints and vertebrae from the excessive weight. Other complications may include varicose veins and/or the deep venous system. Many lipodema patients also experience a tremendous amount of pain due to the condition and the affects on the body's systems. Other complications may include "pins and needles" discomfort, decreased vascular flow in the affected limbs and a decreased skin temperature in the affected limbs.


There is no known "cure" for lipodema. Because it is not a medical condition caused by over-eating and improper nutrition habits, diets will not a much of an effect. Neither can the condition be treated with medicines or diuretics.

Treatments that have helped include massage therapy in conjunction with compression bandages, benzopyrones, which includes the use of coumarin. Liposuction has also been used, but the long term success is still open to debate.

Lipodema or Lymphedema:

The signs of lipodema are distinctly differant from lymphedema. First, swelling does not extend to the feet, but extends from the abdomen to the ankle. Second, the limb texture is rubbery not hard. Third, pitting edema is not present. Fourth, Stemmer's sign is negative and finally infections that plague lymphedema patients are generally not a problem with lipodema. The reason for this is that lipodema is not caused by a malformed or damaged lymphatic system.


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Lipedema Lipodema Lipoedema

No matter how you spell it, this is another very little understood and totally frustrating conditions out there. This will be a support group for those suffering with lipedema/lipodema. A place for information, sharing experiences, exploring treatment options and coping.

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