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Lipedema, Lipoedema News From South Africa

Postby patoco » Tue May 29, 2007 7:52 pm

This is incredible news just shared by our Lipedema, Lipoedema, Lipodema member Pat Törngren from South Africa. This is something she has worked sooooo very hard at achieving and I am totally, completely excited about this announcement.

Special kudos and hip hip hoorays for Pat


South Africa is sadly behind much of the
developed world when it comes to the treatment
of lymphatic problems. A small number of
South African practitioners (mostly trained
overseas) are currently treating patients, often
under very difficult circumstances. Meanwhile
many sufferers are getting inadequate and even
dangerous treatment from untrained people.
So we are happy to announce that a group of
volunteers, in conjunction with St Luke’s
Hospice, Cape Town, will be bringing Guenter
Klose (originally from the Földi Clinic in
Germany) to South Africa in 2008 to offer a 2
week Lymphoedema Therapy Certification
Course. This training will be available to all
qualified healthcare practitioners. (A second
course may be conducted in Gauteng if there is
enough interest).

At the end of the course, participants will be
able to recognise and treat primary and
secondary lymphoedema, lipoedema and lipo-
lymphoedema. (Hospices and oncology
departments frequently see secondary
lymphoedema in cancer survivors where the
lymph nodes have been removed or damaged
due to surgery or radiation treatment. Patients
with primary lymphoedema and lipoedema are
more likely to be seen in private practices.)

The treatment is similar for all of the above
however, and involves “Manual Lymph
Drainage” (MLD) using the Vodder method,
and “Complete Decongestive Therapy” (CDT)
which combines draining the affected limb,
bandaging, exercises and the use of fitted
compression garments to maintain the improved
limb condition.

The cost of the course is USD $2,500 per
person (the exact cost in South Africa will be
dependent on how many people register and
how much sponsorship we are able to obtain.)
This amount will include “The Textbook of
Lymphology” by Profs Michael and Ethel Földi
(worth over R1,000-00), a course-study
manual, bandaging materials, set of illustrative
posters, lymphoedema exercise videotapes,
genital lymphoedema treatment videotape, limb
volume calculation computer software, the
Elvarex training manual and measuring tapes.
Participants who pass the practical and written
examinations will receive certification, and an
international internet therapist listing. (People
needing financial sponsorship may apply, and
we will try to assist, though we cannot give any

For more details, or to reserve a place in the
training, email Pat Glaum Törngren {" }or phone (021) 558 4463 and leave a message if

More information is available at or phone (021) 558
4463 and leave a message if necessary.

More information is available at . The menu at the
left gives details of the training courses and the
materials available.
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