Toolkit for lymphedema advocacy

URGENT ADVOCATE ALERT: Trends in Risk Reduction Practices for the Prevention of Lymphedema * *
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Toolkit for lymphedema advocacy

Postby patoco » Fri Jan 06, 2012 8:51 am

All the pages listed below are full of info, tips, training, ideas and lists of people to contact.

Now, at your fingertips, you have a complete advocacy toolkit all just upDated:


American Medical Association ... _med_a.htm

Attorneys General - National List/Links ... nerals.htm

US Conference of Mayors ... mayors.htm

ConsumerCustomer Action Websites ... action.htm

County Governments ... _gover.htm

Executive branch ... branch.htm

Government Guide ... _guide.htm

Governors ... ernors.htm

Health policy ... policy.htm

How to lobby ... _lobby.htm

How Advocate to the Media ... _media.htm

How to be an advocate ... vocate.htm

Information - Advocacy ... mation.htm

Insurance commissioners ... e_comm.htm

Insurance legislators ... lators.htm

Judicial courts ... courts.htm

Legislative exchange council ... ouncil.htm

Lymphedema sample letter to medical television reporter ... porter.htm

Lymphedema insurance coverage for Treatment ... atment.htm

Lymphedema proposed treatment law cost savings ... avings.htm

Lymphedema sample letter to your congressperson ... person.htm

Lymphedema treatment law (example) ... nt_law.htm

Lymphedema Legislation Massacheusetts ... _Fargo.htm

Lymphedema Legislation New York (2003-2004) ... _9208A.htm

Lymphedema treatment legislation ... lation.htm

National Institutes of Health ... health.htm

Patient advocacy ... vocacy.htm

Project Vote Smart ... _smart.htm

State government ... govern.htm

State health officials ... icials.htm

State legislatures ... atures.htm

U.S. House of Representatives ... atives.htm

U.S. Senate ... senate.htm
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