Update on LE bill (04/08/10

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Update on LE bill (04/08/10

Postby patoco » Fri Apr 09, 2010 10:38 am

Lots of great things to report about the lymphedema bill - Pat:

· We just picked up our third co-sponsor of the bill! It is Congressman Howard Coble of North Carolina.

· Please contact your Representative and both of your Senators if you have not already done so – it is never too late! Info to assist you on that is attached. If you have already contacted them and they have not responded try again, and perhaps try a different method or multiple methods (phone, fax, mail & email) to reach them.

· For those of you looking to do more you can also contact all of the Health Subcommittee members and/or all of the relevant caucuses. Again, information with everything you need to do so is attached. Letters to the Health Subcommittee members can be the same as those to your own Representative but also ask them to “schedule this bill for hearing and mark up.” When you write the caucuses you are simply expressing your desire that the caucus “support” the legislation, not co-sponsor or take any specific action. Let me know if you have questions.

· I did a television interview with Congressman Kissell about the bill, which was coordinated to take place at my son’s fitting for his next compression garment. You can view the story at http://news14.com/charlotte-news-104-co ... onal-level.

· I encourage you to seek out media coverage for the bill in your own areas as well. If you are comfortable sharing your story of why this bill is important please contact your local news stations and newspaper. Local coverage will help us eventually get national media coverage!

· A group of us are going to DC to lobby for the bill on May 26th and 27th. If you are interested in joining us please let me know and I will share the details.

· Bill endorsements - if you know of a group, treatment facility, product provider, etc, who may be interested in endorsing the bill please put them in touch with me so that I may put them in touch with Congressman Kissell’s office. Many lymphedema organizations and suppliers of lymphedema treatment products have recently offered their formal endorsement of the bill. The ever-growing list to date that list includes: Lymphedema Awareness Foundation (LAF), Light House Lymphedema Network, Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy, Lymphedema Community, Stand Up - Speak Out, Lymphedema People, Lymph Notes, error, Klose Training & Consulting, Academy of Lymphatic Studies, The Vodder School, MediUSA, LympheDIVAs, Lohmann & Rauscher, BiaCare and ImpediMed.

· Help spread the word – as always, pass on this email and other information about the bill.

Thank you,
Heather Ferguson
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