Magnetic Resonance Thoracic Ductography in Idiopathic LEL

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Magnetic Resonance Thoracic Ductography in Idiopathic LEL

Postby patoco » Thu Jun 02, 2011 1:37 pm

Assessment of Figuration of Thoracic Duct Using Magnetic Resonance Thoracic Ductography in Idiopathic Lymphedema.

Hara H, Koshima I, Okuda I, Narushima M, Mihara M, Todokoro T.


From the *Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, The University of Tokyo Hospital, Tokyo, Japan; and †Department of Radiology, International University of Health and Wefare, Mita Hospital, Tokyo, Japan.


The structure and the function of the peripheral lymph channels have been investigated, but the thoracic duct has not been investigated. This study used magnetic resonance thoracic ductography for 2 patients with idiopathic lymphedema to evaluate the configuration of the thoracic duct in these patients. Anomalies of thoracic duct were detected in both cases. This result suggests that deformity of the thoracic duct is one of the causes of idiopathic lymphedema. Characterization of the etiology could lead to a breakthrough in resolving the occurrence of idiopathic lymphedema and developing a treatment procedure for it. In addition, visualization of the thoracic duct may assist in selecting the optimal therapy for each idiopathic lymphedema patient.

PMID: 21629101 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]


I sure wonder after reading this, how common it may be. The lymphoscintigraphy I had done a couple years ago showed clearly that my thoracic duct lymphatics had pretty much shut down on me.

Here's yet another item there needs to be more research on.

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