Raw foods

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Raw foods

Postby Kim » Sat Mar 03, 2007 1:34 am

Pat or Silkie or anyone else,

Has there been a study on or does anyone have any experience with a RAW FOOD diet?

I know we need protein, and I know any changes have to be made gradually.

My husband is convinced from material that he has read that a raw foods diet can help heal the body and that it may help with LE. He's not saying that it would be a cure-all, but that it could make a significant difference.

Any thoughts, experience, or knowledge on the subject?

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Postby silkie » Sat Mar 03, 2007 9:00 am

Hiya Kim

I do believe foods can really help

The best from vegitables we can get is when they are raw
cooking dilutes the goodness

Fruit to.......... and im sure att some stage in mans evolution we did eat raw meats etc

there is a body of health study now ctudying vegitarian diet as man is naturalyy a canrivor not a herbivor

Also the lo fat diet is accroding to recent research causing problems for mums to be with conceiving

So yes Food can help or hinder our bodies

i know dairy products make me feel sluggish
I have a site on food on my other pc its harvard university
well worth reading from sorry i cant give u the link my own pc is in the shop being mended and updated

it has so much infor from calories proteins vitamins etc etc etc

good look lets us know what works for you


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