Ten Resolutions for Living with Lymphedema

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Ten Resolutions for Living with Lymphedema

Postby patoco » Mon Sep 04, 2006 9:42 am

Ten Resolutions for Living with Chronic Illness

* 1. I realize that my condition has not been completely cured or resolved by medical treatment, or the force of my will, by waiting, other sources of help, or by deciding it's not important.

· I am prepared to accept this and move in a new direction

* 2. I recognize that I need a positive relationship with my body and symptoms.

· I have seen that some of my efforts to cope have not worked as well for me or others as I had hoped. I am learning positive ways to live with this condition.

* 3. I let go of parts of my past life that are over.

· I may grieve what is lost, but I am committed to living well with what is. I face my present reality with creativity and vigor. I find new ways to make my life rewarding

* 4. I forgive myself for having had difficulties.

· I recognize that I am human, and have human limitations like everyone. I accept that I am imperfect, and can fall short even with the best intentions. I choose to develop the skills I need to deal with my condition and help myself live as well as I can.

* 5. I build and heal my relationships with others.

· Where I have made mistakes with others in my efforts to live with my condition, I am ready to seek new and even better relationships with them.

* 6. I forgive anyone I have blamed for my condition or for mistreatment.

· Forgiving others and letting go of blame, I am free to move forward. I take full responsibility for how I create the rest of my life.

* 7. I recognize mental and physical habits and reactions involved in my condition.

. Though I have tried my best, some habits are inefficient or not good for me. I am committed to developing ways of thinking and acting that better my situation.

* 8. I acknowledge ways my symptoms are reinforced.

· Sometimes, whether I have been aware of it or not, symptoms have had payoffs. I do not need to to avoid or obtain things, protect myself, or deal with other people through them. I resolve to be assertive, courageous and honest in my dealings with the world.

* 9. I understand how I can become dependent in unhealthy ways -- on people, on medications, drugs, alcohol, on organizations, on objects, on ideas.

· I am willing to release these things and regain my power and control over my life. I rely on people and things only if they strengthen and nourish me

* 10. I am ready to make hard but positive choices and to see them through.

· I am open to new ideas and ways of living. When I have made these changes part of my life, I can also help others

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