Gardening Tips

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Gardening Tips

Postby patoco » Wed Jun 14, 2006 11:50 pm

Gardening Tips

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Garden Tips

Ok my friends you are all so quiet
I need some good tips other than wearing gloves for gardening

the insects love me think im breakfast dinner and tea
and bees and wasps think i the nectar supply depot
now i react to many insect repellents
can i take anti histermin (spelt wrong i know soz)

so can i have some top tips for mucking about in the garden

and im having raised bed so i am lucky in that
thankkkkkkkk you

silks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi Ya Silkie

Whoaaa ...I agree...'tis so one is stirring not even a lymph mouse.

Here are some tips for safe gardening

Clothing: Wear light, loose, non-constricting clothing to allow for the free flow of the lymphatic system....and

Shoes: Be sure to wear shoes while you garden. I may sneak a tiptoe in my bare feet on the grass...but...always when working protect those feet. You may also want to use anti-fungal powder too as your feet are gonna be sweating from all that fun work!!

Insects: Be sure to use insect repellant. We have some good discussions here about that and the need for it. Those bug bites can turn quickly into nasty infections.

Sunburn: Wear sunscreen and avoid excessive sun exposure. Try to time your activities where you can be in the shade part of the day too.

Heat The best idea is to go out earlier or later in the afternoon or evening when the heat isn't so great and the sun not so intense.

Garden work: Wear glove to protect those hands. Now I know, many of you are going to say "how can you handle little annual and perenniels with those clumsy thick gloves?? No
problem When it comes time to plant those little flowers, I use sugrical gloves. Gives you the extra dexterity you need!!!!

Remember, bacteria thrives in a rich soil and in cow poop - even the bagged kind. It only take one of those little buggers to ruin your plan.

Also, if your like me and get down on one or both knees....get some strap on knee pads. They will keep those knees safe from scraps and cuts.

Drinks Be sure to stay hydrated. Keep a big thermas or cooler of water handy.

Rest As Silkie always reminds me "Rome wasn't built in a day" don't have to do it all in one day (hope my sisters or kids don't read this one - boy, I'm in trouble if they do) Every so often stop and give yourself a rest.

Mowers: If you have arm lymphedema, avoid using that lymph arm to pull the starter string. Today, you can buy inexpensive but good quality mowers that actually start with a key. If you have leg is the word. Be sure the guard equipment stays on the machine (thing that keeps objects from flying out) and try using a mower with a catcher basket.

LOL - now many people ask me what are the most important ingrediants for successful gardening.

The three most important are:

1.) Lots of cow manure

2.) Miracle grow

3.) Cold Beer ( and I don't mean for those slugs either)

Be safe and's sooooo worth it when your yard is filled with butterflies, hummingbird and masses of beautiful flowers swaying in that summer breeze!!!



Hi Silky!

Alot of people wind up being sore after gardening, here's some tips:

Warm up with light movement or a brisk walk to loosen your muscles and increase your flexibility. The smooth coordination of your muscles and ligaments is an important part of safe exertion in gardening.

Know your strengths and limitations. Do not overexert, vary your activities, and take regular rest breaks.

Avoid bending over repeatedly while standing upright when performing ground-level work like weeding. Get down closer to the task by kneeling or sitting on the ground or a gardening bench, rather than bending and twisting from the waist.

Keep your back protected when you stand up from a sitting or crouched position. Rise up by straightening your legs at the knees, not by lifting your torso at the waist.

Lift dirt and plants by letting your arms, legs and thighs carry the load: bend and straighten at the knees instead of the back and hips. Lift the load close to the body’s torso and center of gravity, and handle smaller, more manageable loads at a time.

Use long-handled tools to give you leverage and help you avoid having to stoop while raking, digging, pushing or mowing.

Switch hands frequently when doing prolonged raking, hoeing or digging actions. Repetitive motion on one side can bring on progressively serious joint imbalances and may produce postural misalignments and pain, including muscle spasms in the neck, shoulder and lower back.

Don’t work too long in one position, especially one that is awkward or unusual. This can reduce circulation, restrict mobility, and promote strain injuries.

Carry objects close to your body. Keeping the load close to your center of gravity reduces the risk of straining your neck and back.

Don’t overexpose yourself to long periods in the sun. Utilize protective measures for your head and skin, drink plenty of fluids, and take frequent breaks.

Wear protective clothing and sunscreen along with bug repellent. Long sleeves and pants work the best along with gloves.


Thank you both so much

I dont want to risk getting allsorts of crap infections
so i will be careful
i can kneel so im having raised beds
i love weeding i think of someone i would like to decapitate
and that old weed becomes symbolic wow best theropy in the world
i have turf to lay
this garden is like a builders yard
we use steaming horsemanure here pat finest thing for roses
but pooooh smelly
i want it to be fun like it used to be i know we have to be careful

but i cant do this be a good girl thing like the book says
i got to go with the feeling you know, i need to push my fece into the huneysuckle and breath it it im so hands on this is going to be so hard to do sensibley gardening is like dancin you just go with it and have fun and thats the hard bit being sensible

ty both love silksxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Silk, Great advice from Pat & Tina, but I have some much better ideas for enjoying and staying safe in the garden!

First you buy one of those gazebos, with mesh sides (stop all those nasty creepy-crawlies)

Then you buy a garden lounger (lots of cushions to keep your legs elevated!)

You need a table for an ice-bucket and the tipple of your choice!

A loudhailer, (saves raising your voice) then supervise the family while they work! (maybe a whip, just incase)

During the inspection afterwards you can smell the roses (excluding horse manure) and enjoy the fruits of your labour!
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